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Sheffield ZenSpace/ArrivingHome is a small voluntary organisation affiliated to 'Oxford ZenSpace', which aims to make Zen (Concentrative-Meditation), Yoga and other relaxing exercise practices, available in the Sheffield area. Regular daily Zen and Yoga practices are held at ArrivingHome (see below). The Zen, Yoga and exercise practices are tailored to suit individual situations. Group instruction can be requested. We also run Zen-Brushwork sessions. Rinzai Zen events may be arranged within, or outside, the Sheffield area, by contacting Ryushin Gensho Roshi.

The name 'ArrivingHome' is an allegory for our life's journey, and the necessity of returning to our true original self. Ideally this would be a continuous process, but it is frequently interrupted by our delusive-desires. Zen practices help us to face up to our selfish interruptions and find our way Home.

Outside of retreat periods (7 days, 9 sesshins per year, members only) the following in house schedule is observed, except when travelling or otherwise away.
05:00 - 08:30 meditation/exercise/meditation/service-meditation.
16:00 - 18:00 tea/service-meditation/meditation.
20:20 - 21:00 meditation/vows/bonsho.

Contact us by E-mail:      by phone: 0114 263 0177