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ArrivingHome & Sheffield Zen Society, UK.

ArrivingHome is a small voluntary organisation affiliated to 'Oxford Zen Space', which aims to make Zen (Concentrative-Meditation), Yoga and other relaxing exercise practices, available in the Sheffield area. Regular daily Zen and Yoga practices are held at ArrivingHome. Elsewhere, the Zen, Yoga and exercise practices are tailored to suit individual situations. Group or individual instruction can be requested. It is not our intention to push unwanted religious practices, or make pretence towards enlightened teaching, wishing only to help our fellow beings. To visit us, please contact in advance by e-mail, or phone (see below). Talks may be similarly arranged within reasonable travelling distances. With the exception of Yoga classes, ArrivingHome depends entirely upon donations from users.

The name 'ArrivingHome' is an allegory for our life's journey, and the necessity of returning to our true original self. Ideally this would be a continuous process, but it is frequently interrupted by our egotistical delusive-desires. Zen practices help us to face up to our selfish interruptions and find our way Home.

Gensho (Shindo Gensho - Richard Jones) has been a Buddhist since 1983 (~34 years), practising Zen from 1985 (~32 years), being originally a student of Hogen (Daido Hogen - Yamahata) Roshi (Abbot of Chogen-ji Temple, Japan and founder of the Open Way Association Australia, England, Spain and Portugal), then later Tangen (Daisetsu Tangen Harada) Roshi (the widely respected Abbot of Bukkoku-ji Zen Temple, Obama-shi, Japan [Hogen Roshi's lifelong teacher]). Gensho has practised Iyengar Yoga since 1973, and in addition uses other types of yoga and Tai Chi exercises. He took Jukai precepts with Hogen Roshi in March 1998, and became a monk, under Tangen Roshi, at Bukkoku-ji in January 2009. Gensho has undergone Koan training with Shinzan Miyamae Roshi (2011), Tenshin Fletcher Roshi (2012), Daizan (Julian Skinner) Roshi (2013 - 02/2017) and Jikai (Barbara Gabrys) Roshi (03/2017 - present).

Outside of retreat periods the following in house schedule is observed, except when travelling or otherwise away. If you would like to join us, at any of these, or some other time, please feel free to contact us.
04:00 - 07:30 meditation/exercise/meditation/service-meditation.
16:00 - 18:00 tea/service-meditation/meditation.
20:20 - 21:00 meditation/vows/bonsho.

Contact us by E-mail:  gensho@arrivinghome.co.uk      by phone: 0114 263 0177     Blogs:  https://gensho1.blogspot.com