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Yoga has been embraced by secular and educational organisations world wide as an invaluable method of improving fitness, health, and well-being. By using Yoga regularly we improve our physical and mental flexibility and are better able to accommodate life's flowing situations. Zen and yoga are completely compatible and mutually supportive in the way they direct us towards realization of the 'Universal-driving-force' within us and without. Yoga and Zen can be coupled as 'Yoga-zen', a form of moving meditation, which can be deeply tantric, or simply used as part of a health improvement regime.

The 'ArrivingHome' Yoga-zen warm up sequence is given below, through links to a document describing them and a series of short mobile-videos of some of the individual exercises. For brevity, the pauses in the videos are not long (see the document), so be gentle and pause occasionally. Have a go, you don't have to be exceptionally good, just be yourself, Yoga-zen is for life.

Yoga-zen Documents:  Warm up exercises document (MS XP/LibreOffice format).

Yoga-zen Video
Yoga-zen Video
Yoga-zen Video
 Warm Up Exercise 1  Warm Up Exercise 2  Warm Up Exercise 3
 Warm Up Exercise 4  Warm Up Exercise 5a  Warm Up Exercise 5b
 Warm Up Exercise 6  Warm Up Exercise 7  Warm Up Exercise 8
 Warm Up Exercise 9  Warm Up Exercise 10  Warm Up Exercise 11a
 Warm Up Exercise 11b