Zen Brushwork

Zen Brushwork

True creativity is not the product of conscious effort, but rather the phenomenon of life itself.

(Terayama Tanchu, 'The Art of Calligraphy - The Essence of Sho')

These half-day workshops draw on the Zen tradition of calligraphy, a form of meditation in action. Through a process of meditation and yokiho, energy-raising exercises.The focus of the practice is to relax the body/mind and let the life energy flow freely.

No previous experience is required. Bring a cushion and loose clothing (which you don't mind getting the odd splash of ink on), plus a large format newspaper (e.g. the Daily Telegraph/Yorkshire Post) to practice on before your final drawing.

For all Zen brushwork enquiries, please contact Kaishin Zendō Sensei.

'Bu ji jin' Calligraphy by Kaishin (Alison Churchill)