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formerly Sheffield Zen Society

Thursdays, 18:00 - 20:00, or drop-in between times.
Rm.3, Shirley House, 31 Psalter Lane, Sheffield, S11 8YL.

We are pleased to be able to hold open meetings again, with the observance of COVID-19 precautions: Please wear a face mask before entering the building, keep it on until reaching your sitting place, use the hand cleanser provided and stay two meters apart at all times. The limit of six places has been lifted, so there is no need to request a place, if you are a regular member. However, we will be keeping the numbers to a reasonable level. Newcomers, are requested to ask Gensho before attending (by e-mail, see below). The kitchen facilities are also open again for tea and drinks, after the meeting. We will be discontinuing the concurrent Thursday Zoom meetings. This is a society for all people interested in Zen who want: true experiential contact with their own innate, awakened mind-spirit; or just the occasional dip into Zen’s vast sagacious wealth of clear, crisp far-sighted wisdom; to live a modern meaningful life within another path already established; or to map their own way forward. It doesn’t matter if you belong to another group, you would be welcome. We try to be open, inclusive, and responsive, within the realms of being a traditional Rinzai Zen group. Realizing that people have tied-lives, we allow you to drop-in quietly at your convenience, but please be mindful of others. There is no charge, but donations, towards room hire and tea etc., are gratefully received. We no longer provide mindfulness meditation courses, as this forms part of our basic practice. More advanced training such as breath-meditations, soft Chinese exercises and Sanzen/koans, are given to members during the evenings, or upon request.

Please bring a zafu/cushion, zabutton/mat/blanket and dress in loose, warm comfortable, colour-subdued clothing.

Parking: Please do not park in Shirley House the bays belong to the ‘Methodist Homes’. It is sometimes possible to park in the street bays (watch for conditions of use). You can use the Church car park, next door, with mindfulness of access for others.

We are pleased to announce the Dharma Transmission (14/04/21) of Genshō (Richard Jones), through the kind exhortations of Ryūsen Jikai Roshi (Barbara Gabrys). The Transmission will be confirmed in a ceremony on the 02/10/21 in Oxford (please see Events). This announcement has been delayed, due to the sad passing of Shinzan Miyamae Roshi on the 27/05/21. ‘There are no Zen teachers, there is only Zen’.

Sheffield ZenSpace is facilitated by Ryūshin Shindō Genshō Roshi (Richard Jones), Kaishin Zendō Sensei (Alison Churchill) and is affiliated to Oxford ZenSpace. Click here for further information on Events.

Contact us by E-mail to Genshō:      by phone: 0114 263 0177